Take a Closer Look at Finch Paper

We provide samples to print buyers and printers free of charge using their shipping account number. Finch reserves the right to refuse a sample request. If you have any questions, please call our Sample Department at 1-800-833-9981 and we'd be happy to help.

Finch Opaque

Finch Opaque Swatchbook

One book, two grades, featuring the enhanced Finch Opaque line, with better smoothness and FSC certification; and Casa Opaque, now 96-bright.


Finch Fine

Fine Fine Swatchbook

Get a feel for Finch Fine Text & Cover and matching high-performance digital papers, Finch Fine iD and Finch Fine Color Copy, in the new Finch Fine swatchbook


Spot Color Guide

Finch Spot Color Guide

Let us show you the uncoated techniques for hitting the spot-color target every time.


Finch Process Color Curve

Finch Process Color Curves

Let us show you the stokes to keep your blues bright and photos crisp as you finish on uncoated paper.


Push the Envelope

Push the Envelope Brochure

In this brochure you’ll find tips and best practices for saving money on USPS letter and card mailings, as well as a handy envelope sizing guide.


Finch Meets The Press

Finch Meets the Digital Press

Easy, at-a-glance charts will help you match your dry-toner or production inkjet press with the right Finch product.


Finch Value Guide

Finch Value Guide

See how Finch stacks up versus competitive brands and discover what finch value is all about in the Finch Value Guide.