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Q & A with Our Foresters

Think of Finch foresters as managers or stewards of the land. It is their ultimate responsibility to ensure the long-term growth and health of the forest, which includes providing wood for society’s needs, a diversity of habitat for wildlife, and clean air and water for everyone. Our foresters lend their expertise in sustainable, science-based forest management to landowners, including The Nature Conservancy.

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Q: Many paper products today are FSC or SFI certified. What makes Finch Paper special?

Q: How many trees do you have to plant to create a new forest? (video)

Q: When you harvest a forest, how many of the trees do you cut?

Q: Does Finch Paper ever clear cut forests? (video)

Q: Do we save trees by recycling?

Q: Does Finch manage plantation forests? (video)

Q: Does Finch Paper use trees from the rainforest, old growth forests or other endangered forests?

Q: If timber harvesting doesn’t threaten U.S. forests, what does?

Q: How did Finch Paper and The Nature Conservancy become partners? (video)