Improvement and Innovation

While other paper companies come and go, Finch stays – and thrives. We’ve succeeded for more than 145 years by continuously improving the way we work. We innovate at nearly every step of the process—from responsible forestry, to odor-free pulping, to just-in-time papermaking. Our integrated operations allow us to perfect our processes, lower our costs and make some of the most reliable and sustainable papers on the market.

With a committed ownership in Atlas Holdings, we are continually investing in our infrastructure and our personnel with the goal of achieving world-class status in safety, quality and environmental stewardship.

World-class achievements:

• We’ve reduced our fossil fuel-derived emissions by 21% since 2009
• Winner, PPI award for Efficiency Improvements and Energy Reduction
• PPI Managing Risk and Safety Award Finalist
• Winner, AF+PA Environment and Energy Award

New infrastructure:

• New Headbox on Paper Machine No. 1
• New Dandy Roll on Paper Machine No. 4
• New Pulp Mill R8 Distributed Control System