Responsiveness and Personal Service

Our sales executives and customer satisfaction team are able to make real-time decisions, and provide quick answers.

  • Just-in-time orders are supported with large stock inventory
  • Finch manufacturing minimums are just 5,000 lbs. for sheets or rolls
  • A down-to-earth, non-bureaucratic culture revolves around the customer

We recognize that many of our customers prefer to conduct business through the web—ordering samples, checking specs and the like. But for those who choose personal service or a more consultative approach, we’re there for you, too. Try our 1-800 number and share in the professional satisfaction of one-on-one customer service. We try to answer the phone on the first ring and allow our callers to fashion their requests in a way that suits their own needs, avoiding those screen-driven, form-fill type conversations (we’ll do the data entry part after you hang up).