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March 18, 2014 Len Cronin

Tree Trivia

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Why do Finch foresters love the winter so much?

A. Because they get to take a three-month vacation

B. Skiing, snowshoeing and other winter fun in the Adirondacks

C. The frozen ground protects the forest floor from heavy logging equipment

Winter Truck


Winter doesn’t want to loosen its grip here in the Adirondack Park, and at Finch, we’re just fine with that. After a string of mild winters, this winter’s sub-zero temperatures translate to more sustainable fiber being brought to the mill. That’s because logging companies do close to 50% of their timber harvesting during the winter months when the ground is frozen.  Winter roads – built of compacted permafrost, ice and snow – allow for sustainable, low-impact timber harvests, and protect the forest floor from trucks and other heavy logging equipment.

Harvesting operations slow down to a crawl during the spring, when logging roads become soft and often impassible for trucks and other heavy machinery.

Watch this video of a timber harvest circa 1939, when horses were used to haul timber out of the forest. Back then, Finch employed a veterinarian on its forestry staff to provide top care for its “horse power.”

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