Finch offers a comprehensive portfolio of production inkjet presses and digital laser rolls for use in commercial printing, direct mail, digital books and transactional printing. With basis weights from 40 lb. text to 9 pt. reply, our expansive line features innovative opacity along with proprietary surface treatments for dye-based and pigment inkjet web systems to maximize ink density and drying time.

Finch Inkjet Pi

Finch Inkjet Pi is specifically designed to meet the demands of high-speed, pigment inkjet applications. Finch Inkjet Pi secures the pigment to the paper while allowing the ink vehicle to penetrate for peak drying and print fidelity. Coupled with a smooth surface, this provides the customer with vivid four-color reproduction and excellent detail “snap.”

  • 96-bright with vivid color reproduction
  • 45 lb. text to 9 pt. reply
  • Rapid ink drying for higher print speeds
  • Minimizes show-through
  • Stable sheet for inline perforating, folding and inserting

Finch Mailstream

Finch Mailstream is a first-class inkjet portfolio for transactional and direct mail. Products include Finch Mailstream DS (dual system) for dye and pigment inkjet systems, and Mailstream XP96 and Mailstream XP92 are enhanced with a surface treatment for cross-platform applications. Finch Mailstream products provide printers and data centers with a range of shades, weights and price points delivered with Finch’s fast, flexible responsive service.

  • 96-bright blue-white and 92-bright choices
  • 20 lb. to 9 pt. reply
  • Superior opacity/less show-through
  • Better ink densities and color “snap”
  • Fast drying and enhanced waterfastness
  • Clean perfing, punching, inserting
  • Archival and acid-free
  • Guaranteed paper performance in MICR applications**

Finch Smartbook

Finch Smartbook, with choices for inkjet and toner, is a smarter solution for on-demand books. Finch Smartbook Jet is designed for full-color digital books with higher pages-per-inch requirements. Finch Smartbook Jet - 830 PPI, 750 PPI and 606 PPI - is an uncoated, treated substrate for pigment inkjet systems. Its silky surface provides brilliant color images with remarkable opacity. Finch Smartbook Laser is engineered for superior toner transfer, and prints higher black densities with reduced toner loss.

  • Vivid full-color reproduction
  • Minimal show-through
  • 830 PPI (41 lb. text), 750 PPI (45 lb. text), 606 PPI (50 lb. text)
  • Quick drying and waterfast capabilities
  • Manufactured in compliance with NASTA specifcations for textbook
  • Archival and acid-free

Finch Digital Web XP

Finch Digital Web XP is a cross-platform (XP) substrate designed to work on both dye and pigment inkjet systems as well as laser and offset pre-print applications. Finch Digital Web XP features a smooth, uniform surface for sharp, crisp images and excellent runnability in post-processing equipment.

  • 96-bright balanced white
  • 20 lb. and 24 lb.
  • High opacity for duplex printing
  • Cross-platform (XP) for offset, laser and inkjet printing
  • Stable sheet for inline perforating, folding and inserting

Finch MOCR Laser

Finch MOCR Laser is a high-quality laser guaranteed product for offset and laser printing that offers excellent stiffness properties, which ensures strength and stability under high-stress sorting, folding and inserting applications.

  • 92-bright
  • 20 lb., 24 lb., 28 lb.
  • Optimized for converting efficiency
  • Archival and acid-free
  • Meets ANSI Type I OCR dirt and ANSI Type III OCR fluorescence guidelines

end-use Applications

  • Transactional-Promotional
  • Direct mail
  • Digital book production
  • Bills and statements
  • Commercial printing

Digital Performance Guarantee

Finch digital roll papers are guaranteed to run on all inkjet and laser equipment. The printer is responsible for using proper printing and trimming techniques, and for suitable packaging and storage conditions. The Finch grade selected must meet the original equipment manufacturer’s (OEM) guidelines. If defective paper causes poor runnability, we will replace the paper or provide a prompt refund limited to the value of the paper. **Guarantee will provide for replacement of the paper.

Finch offers a variety of roll sizes to fit your specific application and print engine needs. To learn more, please contact your Finch sales representative or email us at