Technical Specialties


Finch MOCR Laser and Finch Ledger are high-quality laser guaranteed products for offset and laser printing that offer excellent stiffness properties, which ensures strength and stability under high-stress sorting, folding and inserting applications.

Features & Benefits

  • 92-bright blue-white shade for sharp text and image contrast

  • Finch MOCR Laser is available in 20 lb., 24 lb., and 28 lb. weights

  • Finch Ledger is available in 32 lb. bond

  • Optimized for converting efficiency

  • Acid-free for added archival quality

  • Suitable for offset and laser equipment in addition to converting applications

  • Meets ANSI Type I OCR dirt and ANSI Type III OCR fluorescence guidelines

  • Engineered to run on all laser and inkjet copiers, printers and digital production presses

end-use Applications

  • Checks and financial statements

  • High-speed, high-volume envelope inserting

  • Optical Character Recognition (OCR) scanning

  • Magnetic Ink Character Recognition (MICR)

  • Roll-to-roll, roll-to-fold and roll-to-sheet applications

Finch offers a variety of roll sizes to fit your specific application. To learn more, please contact your Finch sales representative or email us at